Salesforce implementations for HHS integrated eligibility function

2 years 10 months ago #1 by Rick
We are looking for the landscape of Salesforce implementations for HHS integrated eligibility function in other states, including eligibility determination, case management, and internal and client-facing :
  • What states have implemented a Salesforce solution as part of their Integrated Eligibility (IE) System Solution?  When?  Were they able to get it certified?
  • What portions of IE do other states use Salesforce for?   (, Case Management, Eligibility Determination; also Client-facing, Worker-facing)  
  • How does this fit in to states’ modularity definition?  How does this align (or not) to the implementation or contracting approach?
  • What is the split of DDI and M&O costs, by dollar and percentage?   For how many years?
  • Who performed:
    • Implementation tasks?
    • Maintenance & Operations (with enhancements, break/fix)
    • Business services on the system?
  • Did this leverage a platform or other shared services beyond Salesforce?
  • What was the implementation go-live approach?  (, staggered or phased)  What programs went first, and why? ()

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