Transform Health & Human Services (tHHS) is a mission-driven organization created with the specific intent to foster Heath and Human Services (HHS) Medicaid Enterprise success by improving Federal and State Medicaid Agency (SMA) collaboration.  tHHS promotes Investment Management as a Service (IMaaS) bringing not only the Data, Analytics, and Tools but our expertise to tackle the challenges States have encountered for years.  tHHS tools and services provide readied and targeted information to HHS agencies to support informed conversations and decision making.

Our core team has 50+ years of leading transformation across Health and Human Services throughout the US.  We pride ourselves with building and maintaining the relationships with our partners – because it’s the success of these relationships that allow us to meet our collective goals.   tHHS focuses on providing not just data – but connected data with context via outputs allowing States to have informed discussions

tHHS provides the Medicaid community with a suite of user-friendly integrated solutions for managing all Medicaid capability investments through all phases of the Medicaid Enterprise Systems lifecycles. These solutions include: tHHS Insights, State Health Dashboard (SHD) , and Investment Manager (IM).

 tHHS brings the experience and expertise to address the continued challenges the 56 State Medicaid Agencies (SMA) repeatedly encounter when managing their health and human services solutions.  tHHS has worked with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), SMAs, MITRE, and Vendors to optimize alignment and integration of HHS information between State Officers (SO) and across SMA.  

We are committed to a continuous feedback loop with our partners driving enhancements and the perpetual maturation of our solution.  tHHS staff work up/down various levels of Federal and State Government maximizing input and output of communication. 

Our passion and innovation promote your success. 

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