The following are the currently released products:  tHHS Insights, State Health Dashboard, and Investment Manager

tHHS Insights

tHHS Insights can be accessed at:

 Insights is a searchable, curated data platform that supports state and territorial Medicaid agency (SMA) procurement and vendor management efforts. Insights provides SMA  with easy access to trusted, unbiased, up-to-date market information in order to make informed decisions during planning, solution and vendor selection, and implementation.  Containing over 10,000 artifacts that are curated and reviewed, SMA can access documents such as Advance Planning Documents, Requests for Proposals or other procurement documents, contracts, outcome measures, and other resources of interest to states and territories.

 Insights also provides the following: 

    • State/Territory Profile – a view of a SMA's Medicaid Enterprise IT landscape, identifying: APD's, contracted vendors, contracted services, the associated MITA business area, enterprise outcomes, the applicable contract dates and the related contract costs
    • Vendor Profile – a view of each vendor, the services they provide to their SMA, and contract start and end dates, and cost
    • Nationwide Service / Business Area Perspective – the nation’s Medicaid Enterprise System landscape across vendors as an interactive map, filtered by service and business area
    • Full-text Document Search – ad hoc searches of document title, content, tags, market research, APD and contract language
    • State-only Discussion Forum– open searchable, discussion platform on relevant topics, moderated and supported by tHHS staff 


State Health Dashboard (SHD)

The State Health Dashboard (SHD) is a web-based, user-friendly platform providing easy and effective means for sharing information between the State Medicaid Agency (SMA) and their State Officer (SO).   This SO one-stop-shop gives an immediate view into key aspects of an SMA's Medicaid activity.  This tailored, real-time look into the health of the Medicaid Enterprise will allow the SO to view the results of their investments, and the state’s plans for the future.  The initial page displays summaries of Advanced Planning Documents (APD), Projects, Roadmaps, Outcome Metrics, Timelines, and CMS Monthly reports, AND, at the click of a button, SO's can drill down into the finer details of these items. 

The accessibility of these key factors in one place has proven to be invaluable for SMA and SO.   It has saved not only time but it has also driven continutiy and consistency of language.  It has also helped to further build-out the relationship between SMA and SO.  

 The SHD is only accessible by users with appropriate accounts and access.  


Investment Manager (IM)

The Investment Manager (IM) is a framework for making investment and strategic decisions, assessing investment process effectiveness, and refining investment related policies and procedures.  IM includes alignment with Health and Human Services (HHS) Policy for Portfolio Investments by creating and supporting a lifecycle for State Medicaid Agency (SMA) which supports adherence to Streamlined Modular Certification (SMC) and Outcome goals.

tHHS promotes and leverages Investment Management as a Service (IMaaS) bringing not only the Data, Analytics, and Tools but bringing the wherewithal and structure to tackle the challenges States have encountered for years.  IM has expanded capabilities that leverages tHHS Insights and the SHD consolidating critical business information to drive and promote progress including: 

    • An automated generator for funding requests and Advance Planning Document (APDs)
    • Collection, management, and dashboarding of metrics that allow for effective management of the MES, including support of CMS certification 
    • Workflow management for common processes including monthly reporting, artifact updates, etc.
    • Flexible toolkit that can easily adjust to align and support MITA evolution 

  IM is only accessible by users with appropriate accounts and access.  


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